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Not MLM, Cash Gifting, Amazon, ClickBank, Facebook, or anything you may be thinking. No pass up sales, roll ups, admin fees, qualifiers, monthly fees or chargebacks. You keep 100% on ALL sales starting with your first on day one. Discover a proven system to easily earn $2K to $20K+ per week that simply works and is easy to duplicate.


people own mobile phones

billion mobile phone users


people have smartphones today

If you are SERIOUS about changing your life follow these three simple steps and I will show you how you can do it.


Carefully review this page completely to discover how we easily earn thousands daily and how you can duplicate what we do.


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$2,000 to $20,000+ weekly at your own pace and flexible schedule. You will receive complete training and support with our proven easy to duplicate system.

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overview video

Discover how and why our proven system works.

You can copy the same mistakes that keep most people from enjoying a worry-free, wealthy life… or you can copy our proven system and literally generate cash on demand.


The masses don’t get it. While they are trying to talk people into things they don’t need, we simply sell people what they need.


The masses don’t get it. While they are trying to talk people into all kinds of things, we simply sell people what they want to buy.


The masses don’t get it. While they are working harder to earn small money, we work smarter and earn BIG money.

When You Need To Make Serious Money NOW… watch this video…

In the next section, you will discover how I generated $28,000 in 2 days with this system. Documentation beats conversation.

see the real proof

I’m showing you this not to impress you with how well I’m doing, but to impress upon you how well you can be doing with my proven, easy to duplicate system. You really can do this and I will help empower you for real success.

How would your life change if you suddenly started making an extra $1,500$3,750$4,500$13,500 or more in a month, week, or a day? If you want to find out, call me to take real decisive action to get started today.


You can finally get out from under the stress of mounting credit card debt and pay them off for good along with any other bills.


You can finally get out from under the cloud hanging over your head and your future by simply paying it off for good.


Imagine a life with no monthly mortgage payment.


Do what you want, when you want, and where you want.

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NOTE: If you are put off by the cash in the following videos don’t be. Usually, people pay via bank wire. Sometimes they want to pay with cash for their convenience. You can accept payment however you want to.

If I can rake in over $28,000 in two days, do you think it’s possible for you to rake in $20,000 to $60,000+ in a full month? It is! Review this page and then call me to lock in your spot! I’m gonna show you what to do, how to do it, and help empower you to do it. The question is do you want to do it?

fast action bonus

For a limited time you can grab two powerful titles when you take action NOW.

These two titles will help you in so many ways you can’t even imagine right now, but when you get them you will quickly become strongly engaged and absolutely love the tips, techniques, and super effective strategies.


This full-length two hour DVD will command your attention and captivate you until the very last second. Once you watch it you will understand many psychological sales persuasion techniques that are only in use by some of the highest level sales people.


Your #1 question is of course how you will sell the leads. This 80 minute audio CD will excite and energize you with 58 of the best proven methods of selling leads. These strategies will help you unlock the flood gates of real daily cash flow.

Normally these titles sell for $50 each plus shipping. For a limited time you can get them FREE when you take action today!


What people are saying…

Listen to James talk about getting his first sale in 24 hours before his site was finished!

Listen to what happened right after Linda got started with this proven system...

Listen to what Tony said right after doing 1 on 1 private training with me.

UPDATE from Tony and absolute proof YOU can do this and have similar results!

“I can not find the words to say how much I appreciate this program and what it has done for me. I was able to pay off nagging bills and finally have real hope for my future.”
– Mark T.

“At first I thought this would probably turn out like all the other things I tried to make some money with. It was the wrong attitude going in but it’s where my head was at. I was shocked and then thankful something made me not give up. If I had I would have missed out on a really great system!”
– Amanda P.

“WOW! I had no idea this one would actually turn out to be the one that actually worked for me! This system is legit and I love it! Thank you!!!!!”
– Peter J.

“I drive a truck and spend a lot of hours on the road. I looked for a long time for something that I might use to supplement my income. I found this and it blew me away. I take calls now and get paid twice while driving! Many thanks for putting this together and for helping me and everyone with it.”
Paul M.

“My first plan was to try and make this work as a back-end offer to my primary program. It worked so well I started thinking about how I should focus my efforts more on this because I was making more with it. I’m so glad I found this and highly recommend it if you seriously want to make some money.”
– Beth O.

“I was a frustrated marketer with nothing to show for many tears of failed opportunities. I was about to give everything up and accept it wasn’t meant for me to do until something told me to just try this one. I am so happy with it and the support. Everything is great and it’s working for me!”
– Miles R.

“This gave me my confidence back. It has restored my faith in my dreams and given me new hope. Finally something works and people keep their word.”
– Dell J.

“I thought I was making good money with other things I was doing. This made sense to add to my income streams. I had no idea it would quickly become one of my top revenue sources. Thanks so very much!”
– Ronald E.

“This system is easy and I am making great money with it. I thank you for creating a way for me to consistently enjoy extra money every week. To anyone reading this… go for it!”
– Becky N.


My proven system levels the playing field and allows everyone to earn BIG money by eliminating multiple obstacles that until now were in your way. Not any more! Now you can start earning BIG money instantly on day one.





High Ticket Program Admin Fees

Have you ever been in a program which had an admin fee that had to be paid to the owner of the program for doing nothing?

High Ticket Program Pass Up Sales

Have you ever been in a program where you had to pass up one or more sales before you could actually start making any money?

High Ticket Program Monthly Fees

Have you ever been in a program where you had to pay monthly fees in order to stay in it and be able to earn?

High Ticket Program Qualifiers

Have you ever been in a program that required you to qualify to earn by jumping through hoops which made it harder for you to make any money?

Chargebacks & Reversals

Have you ever been in a program that subjected you to insane chargebacks and reversals which meant weeks even months after the sale your commissions were clawed back?


Admin fees make the program owner money for doing nothing. We eliminated this because it’s unnecessary and prospects don’t like paying them.


Pass up sales are an obstacle for most and contribute to their failure. Our program does not require pass up sales  or roll ups. You earn 100% of all sales starting with the first.


Monthly fees make the program owner money for doing nothing. There is no need for monthly fees and so we don’t have any. We want you to have every advantage.


Qualifiers are a gimmick to make the program owner money and keep them from having to pay out. We put you first and don’t require any qualifiers for you to earn.


You will never get a chargeback or reversal with our system. We only accept guaranteed forms of payment. All sales are final and you are protected.


We are absolutely committed to your success with our proven system.


Ask any smart marketer and they will tell you the money is in the picks and the shovels. Instead of trying to talk people into a business opportunity we simply help them grow their existing business. They instantly drop their defense shields and it’s an easy sale. This enables and empowers your confidence.


We have it down to an absolute science. You simply follow our proven system of duplicating what we already know works. If it works for us there is no reason why it won’t work for you.


We have many from all walks of life doing this system successfully. It doesn’t matter if you have no online marketing or sales experience. We will provide full training and support.

frequently asked questions

Still got questions (even after watching the overview video)? Find answers below…

What kind of training and support is there?

In addition to the CD and DVD you will receive access to my private team  members training portal where you will discover many very helpful tools, tips, strategies and resources to help empower you for real success. You will also be able to call me direct Monday – Saturday 9am to 9pm Eastern if you ever need any help, have questions, need me to help you close sales, etc. I am here to help and I will. You can count on it.

How long before I can make money?

You can literally start making money the same day you get started in most cases. I generally can get your website set up within 24 to 48 hours after we have completed your onboarding session. I will give you a couple fast start strategies you can implement immediately while you’re waiting on the CD and DVD to arrive so you can start making money right away.

Can I earn good money with this part time?

Yes, absolutely. I have helped lots of people enjoy a great weekly income with this proven system from only working it on a very flexible part-time schedule. There are people who only choose to work it an hour or two per day or per week and are still able to earn several thousand per week. The key is how you position yourself to earn.

How much can I really earn with this?

This answer depends on how you position yourself to earn. When you get started at the top option you can earn no matter which package a person buys. If you start with the lowest package then you are limited to only being able to earn the lowest package amount. This is just basic simple math. If your goal is to earn $10,000 per week for example, larger package sales will add up much faster than the lowest one will. Plus in order to make $10,000 per week for example with the lowest package ($1,500) you would have to sell seven of them to earn $10,000+. When you get started with a higher option other than the lowest one then you can earn more per package and you only need fewer sales to reach your goal since those amounts will add up much faster. In terms of much you can earn… it’s up to you. If you are super busy one week and you can only speak with a few people then you may only generate a few sales and bring in several thousand from those sales. If you want to earn more then you simply focus a little more on it and speak with a few more people and close a few more sales which in turn will increase your overall amount earned for the week. It’s totally up to you.

How can I maximize the comp plan?

You can’t sell a package and earn the commission unless you yourself have the package; since you can’t sell what you don’t have to fill the order. The best way to maximize the comp plan is to strategically position yourself to earn on all packages. This puts you in the absolute best position since no matter which package a person buys, you get to earn the maximum amount from each package sale. When you get started at the top option (since you then have all of the packages) you can sell each of them and always earn the full amount each time. If you get started with the lowest package you can only sell that same package and earn the commission that goes with it. If you get started with the second option (which includes the first and second package) then you can sell both the first and second package and earn from each one respectively.

Is this website included with the packages?

The license fee for this website (which will be personally branded for you) is $750 if you get started with the first package. When you do any of the other packages the website license is waived and you get it FREE.

Can I start with a small package and upgrade later?

Yes. However, each package you purchase seperately above the package you bought is still full price since you are getting larger lead lists. This is why the smartest way to go is to start with the highest package you can. It’s both strategic in terms of positioning you to earn plus you save money. For example when you grab the top package you get all the packages and you save $6,500.

How is this better than programs that close sales for me?

BE CAREFUL, any time you hear the phrase “we close your sales”. It could mean they close your sales and keep ALL the money! My experience with these cleverly designed programs is they tend to attract people who are either shy, lack confidence, or are otherwise gullible. I’ve busted several of these kinds of programs and caught them red handed keeping sales for themselves instead of paying out on them. What often ends up happening with these type programs is you pay for the marketing to deliver free prospects to the “closer” who then closes them and keeps ALL the money! It happens more than you may realize. Don’t let this happen to you.

Here’s why my proven system is different and better. There are no gimmicks in my proven system. You keep 100% of ALL sales. I show you how to simply duplicate what works. The web page presells by doing the selling, telling, and explaining. By the time a person connects with you they are usually already sold. I show you what to say to close the sale yourself without the need to split sales or lose thousands to someone who claims they will close for you and give you a percentage. The “we close your sales for you” offers are gimmicks.

Listen, this is not rocket science. You do not need to be a master sales person to do this. It’s actually MUCH easier than you may realize. You also do not have to fall for any revenue split promises or gimmicks with the other flawed programs. I removed all of the common hurdles and obstacles that prevent people from making money. With my proven system you have a level fair playing field where you can make great money and everything is in your favor instead of working against you. Once you realize just how simple it really is to enjoy great money with my proven system, you will be glad you made the smart decision and you get to keep 100% on ALL sales without any gimmicks.

Will you be available if I need you for a three way prospect call?

ABSOLUTELY. I am available to help you Monday – Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm EST. If you ever need me to help you with a prospect I will be there for you. I will do everything within my power to close the sale and you will get 100% of the money as it should be. All I ask if that you first direct the person to your website so they can watch the overview video and have an understanding of how my proven system works. Should they have any questions and you feel I should be involved in the close then yes I will be available to help you.

How is this better than anything else out there?

When you look at what is involved with many of the programs and opportunities there is much more to them than is often realized in terms of how to make them work. My proven system is not like those. My system is straight forward and transparent. The learning curve is very short and just about anyone can do it and earn great money with it. One of the many things that makes my system unique and better is that the playing field is leveled. Everyone has a fair chance to earn for their own efforts without having to be limited by others in a complicated compensation plan. My system was created without the hurdles and issues that many of the other opportunities have which are directly often related to failure. I wanted to create something that would give everyone a fair and equal opportunity to earn with something that actually works. I succeeded and this is awesome!

How will I promote this offer?

There are many effective marketing methods you can use. I always recommend starting with the CD and DVD you will get which are jam packaged with very valuable strategies. Both are excellent and will help you immensely. The team training portal includes many great things to help you as well. You will also discover some fast start strategies you can use immediately that are highly effective and FREE to implement when we do my initial onboarding welcome session. I will make sure you have everything you need so you can start making great money immediately on day one.

Do I have to buy each package seperately?

No. When you buy any package above the first one, it also includes each package below it. For example the top package includes all packages below it.

How much does it cost to get started?

The package prices are as follows:

Buy one list $1,500
Buy two lists get third 1/2 price $3,750
Buy three lists get fourth FREE $4,500
Buy all 14 lists (Save $6,500) $13,500

Keep in mind that you also earn each of those amounts when you have each of the packages.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Bank Wire (Most popular)
Overnight Money Order
Overnight Cash

it’s decision time

The difference between a thought and a decision is ACTION.

Right now there are many from all walks of life who aren’t any smarter than you who are making serious money with my proven system. The only difference is they took action by making the smart decision. Now it’s your turn to join us!


Ready to get started or have a question?

Call Britt at 804-897-2274
Mon – Sat 9 am to 9 pm EST

Have you watched the overview video?

When you say yes you can feel good knowing a portion of every sale is given back to feed a child for an entire year.

“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” – Proverbs 22:9

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